Hello! I'm Ufuk Karaca, an engineering student, developing developer and full-time dreamer.
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I am an undergraduate student from Turkey who enjoys developing and managing stuff. I like capturing moments, composing music, exploring the world and learning new languages. Oh, and I'm an ENTJ.

I can speak English and Turkish fluently, know German and Spanish on an intermediate level and have been working on my French as of recently. Bienvenue sur mon site Web personnel!

experience and projects.


Intern - Piëch Automotive

June 2021 - Present

Working on full-stack development, data processing and technical product management projects alongside hands-on work on the Mark Zero, an electric sportscar with super-fast charging and a driving experience focused design.

SDG Coordinator - SDSN Youth

April 2021 - Present

Working to increase sustainable development awareness and encourage impactful actions as part of the SDSN Youth's SDG Students Program. This includes but is not limited to SDG-related events organization, attending panels and roundtables, and coordinating sustainability initiatives.

Learn Student Ambassador Beta - Microsoft

January 2021 - Present

Representing Microsoft Learn by organizing community events utilizing the latest Microsoft technologies. Working on Green Tech, ML&AI and many more subjects with exclusive access to resources.

Fellow - Turkish Entrepreneurship Foundation

November 2020 - Present

Successfully completed a five month selection process to be one of the 40 fellows among 114,000 applicants, allowing me to collaborate with leading entrepreneurs of Turkey. Aside from co-hosting both the foundation's first international podcast "Roadmap", and first scipreneurship video series "Y-Science"; I also work in social good projects and take part in learning groups, certification programmes and more.

Chairperson - SDG Student Hub TOBB ETU

October 2020 - Present

Co-leading the first SDG Student Hub of Turkey with my female counterpart, we work on making sustainable development goals accessible and relatable for everyone in pursuit of an equal, just and sustainable world. We successfully completed multiple workshops, relief efforts, action seminars with ambassadors and climate action/gender equality initiatives.

Entrepreneurship Lead - Google DSC TOBB ETU

October 2020 - February 2021

Built project management tools, took part in the forming of international partnerships, event determination processes, and collaborator communications. Took leading roles in creation of the “A Career in Tech” series and the 600+ attendee “Internship Panel”.

32 Bit Multifunction Verilog Calculator

Developed a multifunctional calculator to be used with 32 bit fixed point numbers, encompassing addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, square root, tangent and cotangent functions.


Manevis is the world’s first financial youth network, aiming to make finance relatable and financial education reachable for generation Z. This project was developed as part of the Code.YapıKredi Ideathon 2020.


EverythingRoe, of which I'm a co-founder, has been providing digitalisation services to small local businesses with competitive pricing to help them adapt to the needs of the 21st century and keep on supporting their local communities.

Verilog Implementation of the Advanced Encryption Standard

Co-developed an implementation of the Advanced Encryption Standard for logical circuitry using Verilog with a focus on resource use efficiency and pipelining success.

HAYAT433 - Emergency Locator for Hydrologic and Geomorphologic Disasters

HAYAT433 is an ultra-affordable locating system designed to minimise the amount of time spent finding victims after hydrological and geomorphological hazards. It uses RF transmitters and receivers within the base of a wearable microchip to provide rescue teams information about distance and 'recoverability' of victims in accordance with custom algorithms. Having the potential to significantly increase the efficiency of search and rescue protocols, the project was awarded national first place among 5000+ others in Science Expo 2018 funded by Turkish Airlines.


TOBB University of Economics and Technology

Electrical and Electronics Engineering (B.S.) & Political Science and International Relations (Minor)

09.2019 - Ongoing
Activities and Societies: Sustainable Development Goals Student Hub, Google Developer Student Club, International Entrepreneurship Society, Electric Vehicle Development Team, IEEE.

Courses: Logic Circuit Design, Circuit Analysis, Probability and Stochastic Processes, C Programming, C++ Programming.

Anadolu University

Management Information Systems (B.S.)

09.2019 - Ongoing
Activities and Societies: Information Technologies Society

Courses: Modern Communication Technologies, Project Management, IT Law, Operational Research, Fundamentals of Economics, Business Management.

skills and certifications.



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